And I thought live directing was hard…

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Today was my first day at KREM. I shadowed camera and received instructions on how shots should be framed and so on as well as general information about my position. There were a couple of times when I got to run camera during the show, which was really scary because it’s live and it’s the news, but sometimes you just have to step up to the plate. It’s difficult to understand what the director is telling you to do over the intercom because he’s telling so many other people to do so many other things, that it’s easy to miss your cue. On top of that is the fact that there are a few different directors and they all have their own way of calling cues, so you have to really listen to each of the directors and get a feel for how they call things. In any event, things were fun and I had a really good day. I didn’t manage to get any pictures for ALLO, but today was only one day.

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