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“Canoe Camping

Knock knock knock knock

Go away.

Wake up go to sleep.

Take my heart and put it out for sale.

Flea market buyers bidding at it like hens.

Nothing but fowl here, nothing but fowl.

I’m not ready for this human life,

not ready for the skills to deal.

Put me away, a bow on my head

send me away as a mantle piece ornament.

What was I saying?

Depressed state of the world.

I’m not feeling it,

It’s only crushed my life.

Too selfish to care

Too caring to be selfish.


Is this making sense?

You don’t understand what I’m saying.

I’m left to my own devices.

A computer screen, and a keyboard

The background noise of 6 million radios

Somewhwere out there I care.

Somewhere out there I’m dead.

Are you taking this at face value? Don’t

Take pride in not understanding.

The way I express is not human.

The way I live is not animal.

Focused I may seam,

But how with this constant racket in my head?

Shut up Shut up Shut up

Mumbling on,

Why waste your time?

Not like I feel

Not like I’m human.

Go enjoy Go play Go do

I’ll be here”

From harmony in a world of chaos – A blog by Anna Kabal

EDIT: Updated link. -TJB 23 September 2004

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