Bad fonts!

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I have created a list of fonts to avoid, which you can find as a .jpg here. I will continue to add to this list as I find fonts that qualify.

The basic requirement for a font to make it on to the list is volume of use. In other words, the fonts on this list are overused. Some of them (comic sans, sand, papyrus, et cetera), you’ll likely recognize instantly, even if you’re not a font-a-holic or graphic designer.

I thought about adding unreadable fonts to the list, but there are =SO= many that it wouldn’t be feasible. Plus, you wouldn’t be able to read the name of the font to know not to use it! Besides, it should be common sense as to which fonts are readable and which aren’t.

You’ll notice that I have included look-alike fonts on this list (AdLib & Socket, Mistral & Stucco). If you see a font on this list that you recognize, but have always known it by a different name, let me know and I’ll add the look-alike.

Also, if you know of a font that you think qualifies to be on this list, please let me know!

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