Better Late Than Wrong

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On the cover of the current issue of TelevisionWeek is an article entitled Better Late Than Wrong. For those of who haven’t been reading my blog long enough, there’s a saying the news industry that goes, “Get it first, then get it right.” This article points out that, in this year’s election reporting, the emphasis needs to be on factual accuracy instead of speed.

I was also pleased to read the following in the article, “Election-night planners also have boosted the font size of the word “estimates” in CBS’s graphics, some of which anchor Dan Rather will have under his own control.” At least the debacle of late September seems to be moving behind us.


I’m so happy about the change I just made to my blog that I feel I have to share it with everyone. I just set up individual archives, so now when you click on a day in the calendar, instead of taking you to that entry on its monthly archive page, it takes you to only that entry. Monthly archiving is still running, however, so the regular monthly archive links still work.

Speaking of archives, a while back I mentioned that I’d have them all online by the end of that week, which obviously didn’t happen. Most of 2003 is still waiting to be formatted and restored. Please be patient as its a real pain in the cake.


And, just because I love McSweeney’s so much, here’s a list from the site:



By Lucas Klauss

Man in hunting cap peed off side of bridge, laughed at sound of urine hitting moving water.

Teenage couple smoked marijuana next to bridge, dared each other to walk out onto bridge, made out for 35 minutes.

Self-styled town historian related facts about bridge to 8-year-old son, who complained he wanted to “go to Bobby’s house.”

Plank of rotted wood fell from bridge into water below.

Man taking nature walk stopped by bridge, pondered possibility of someone being hanged from bridge falling into water, narrowly escaping execution, then realizing he had made it up in his own mind seconds before his death. Man taking nature walk then realized if he didn’t start walking again fairly soon he would miss rerun of Becker. Man continued taking nature walk.

Different plank of rotted wood dangled and fell from bridge into water below.

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