Britney and K-Fed (Now Fed-Ex)

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It was bound to happen.

Britney Spears divorcing Kevin Federline, I mean, not a Britney sex tape (although that was bound to happen as well, wasn’t it?).

Has Britney finally come to her senses? It would seem so, although the inciting incident for the divorce is allegedly that she caught him cheating on her. There has been much speculation in the past that Federline was less than faithful, and now it would appear as though he’s been caught red-handed.

Naturally, Britney called the marriage quits (by text-message, no less), but Federline isn’t going down without a fight. He wants custody of their two kids and reportedly over $30 million, otherwise he’ll

sell a sex tape that the two of them made back when, “they did nothing all day but have sex—and play the odd game of chess.”

Now doesn’t this seem like… Wait, what? Play chess? WTF?

I hope by the odd game of chess, the mean the odd game of chess.

Anyway, doesn’t this seem like blackmail? Isn’t blackmail illegal? I’m kind of confused about all of this. Federline has been offered £26 million for the four-hour tape, but is demanding £16 million and sole custody of their kids, Sean Preston and Jayden James. This is public information and everyone is reporting it. So why hasn’t Federline gotten in trouble for it?

It seems like mostly because there’s a fair bit of speculation that the tape doesn’t exist. But considering previous Britney-related sex tape scares, I’m inclined to believe that at least one tape exists. Plus, you’d think she would have known if they made the tape, so if it didn’t exist, why hasn’t she made a statement to that effect?

At any rate, it’s doubtful that a judge would grant Federline sole custody. Not only does he not want his other two kids, but accusations of prostitutes and drugs aside, his recent behavior isn’t helping his case as father of the year.

You know what? I think Justin Timberlake has the right idea about this whole saga. As he put it, “There’s a war going on in Iraq.

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