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006 – ALLO: Fully digital since 2001

Prior to this blog, I tried to keep a journal on several different occasions. Their downfall, I think, was a lack of an audience. To this day, I don't know how Doogie Howser did it without just giving up.

Broadcast Tower:


005 – ALLO: It’s Going to be a Big Year

Changing the masthead 2 weeks late was a lousy way to start, though.

004 – ALLO: Secular Season’s Greetings!

You know that Christmas is no longer a religious holiday when even Muslims and atheists celebrate it.

003 – ALLO: There’s green and crazy hippy green. I’m not crazy hippy green.

Kermit was wrong; it's easy being green.

002 – ALLO: Not just French for hello

ALLO je t'aime

001 – ALLO: Now in 8 bit Glory

Here’s the first of the new mastheads!

I roll old school