Cheerleaders Give Back to Society

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I’ve always thought that cheerleaders were… Well, dumb. Not so much that the girls themselves were actually stupid (though they often seem to be), but that dancing around in skimpy outfits shouting earworm-missives was pretty pointless.

Today, I am proven wrong.

It was because of their annoying “skills” that a group of cheerleaders in Ann Arbor played a pivotal role in capturing a hit-and-run suspect. They simply turned his difficult-to-remember license plate number into a cheer.

Pretty clever, actually.

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  1. Who knew? By the way, I think you’re the only person besides me and my teacher who have visited my site. It’s lonely: it wants someone else to play with. Please?

  2. Welcome to the world of obscure blogs. Now what you need is a great hook that will bring them to your site in droves. For example, Joseph Duncan kidnapped the Groene kids and his blog exploded in popularity! So yeah, you need to do something like that.

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