Deadly Weight Loss Shakes?

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Every day for breakfast I have a weight loss shake. They’re great, because they’re only 230 calories and they keep me satisfied for a few hours.

I don’t know what kind of can they’re in, but every day, I notice rust on the rim of the can, as well as the… Uh, spout? I’m not sure what you’d call it, but the opening where the shake comes out. There’s never a lot of rust, but it is definitely noticeable.

Isn’t ingesting rust bad for you? Should I not be drinking these every day? Or am I just being paranoid because of that guy who got lung disease from his microwave popcorn?

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  1. Thomas, I’ve got news. You’re not gonna like it but you need to know.

    You’re going to die.

    But it won’t be the shakes.

  2. lol

    Morah and I were joking that the cans were probably made in China, so I looked on the label and they’re made in the Unite States. While looking, I noticed that they’re made out of steel. So that answers the question of what material they’re made of.

  3. Phoenix

    Rust is iron. Iron won’t immediately kill you, but it may cause cancer in men. (Look at your bottle of Men’s One A Day vitamins. Notice that iron is not included)

    But, I find the benefits of weight-loss-shakes to be dubious anyway. When I was losing my weight, they didn’t fill me up or keep me from eating. A single scrambled egg kept me satisfied longer, with fewer calories. Of course, it wasn’t as tasty as a shake. ^_^

  4. so how’s the death by rust thing going for you? still on those shakes? yuck, do they even taste good?

  5. They actually taste pretty good. I was wary about drinking them at first, because I had previously tasted one about 10 years ago that was awful.

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