Flickr Pro Account Expired? Say Good-Bye to Your Pics!

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Angry CatFlickr is a pretty great service, and one that I’ve always been happy with. About a year and a half ago, I was so happy with Flickr that I decided to upgrade to a Pro account. Recently—without warning—my Pro account expired, taking most of my pictures with it. Needless to say, I was upset (see the picture to the right).

This was problematic for several reasons:

  • I use Flickr to host the photos at, so when important sets like, say, my wedding ceremony mysteriously disappeared, I was somewhat nonplussed.
  • Even though is desperately out of date, I do plan on making updates to it in the future, and for that I’ll need a Pro account. Not to mention, that existing content should still work.
  • I almost never log into my Flickr account, which seems to be the only place that notified me that my account had expired. Why didn’t I receive an e-mail notification?

As troubling as this all was, the images hadn’t been deleted. When your pro account expires, Flickr once again limits you to the terms of the free account (all of this is helpfully explained on a page on Flickr’s site that I didn’t know existed until today). I restored my Pro account with Flickr and all of my photos and sets are once again active. I bought a 2 year subscription, which means I’ll be covered for a while. Hopefully the next time my account expires, Flickr will tell me before hand so I don’t experience any downtime.

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  1. Hooray for correct usage of nonplussed! ^_^

    I really don’t use Flickr myself anymore since I switched to Picasa. Sorry to hear about your troubles. :-/

  2. Ashton

    Hmmmm…gall durn Flickr!

  3. Spock

    That is one angry kitty…

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