Foreign Relations

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This girl could kick my ass.

She’s 18 years old, lives in Tel-Aviv, and is a soldier in the Israeli army. I met her today on ICQ. She’s actually a really nice person and I’m glad to have met her.

Normally the people that contact me are idiots. Young girls from former Soviet states seem to contact me the most (WTF, right?). Usually their English is miserable and trying to communicate with them is more effort than it’s worth. Worst of all is when they contact me, but then expect me to carry the conversation.

There have been a few brilliant exceptions, and this girl from Tel-Aviv is one of them. I have another friend who lives in Moscow (Russia, not Idaho) and she’s also a delight to talk to. She has a phone cam and sometimes she’ll send me pics from around the city. A couple of weeks ago she gave me a brief tour of Red Square.

What I really need are friends in Costa Rica (to send me more Lizano, a really great sauce) and friends in Portugal (to send me lots of Porto Rocha, easily the best Port I’ve ever had).

This is what foreign relations should be like.

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  1. Shannon

    My ex-boyfriend loves Lizano sauce. I bought him some for his birthday.. there’s a website you can order it from.

    enjoy – 🙂

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