Fox’s 24 Game

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If you visit Fox’s Website, you might notice an ad for the 24 game. It’s kind of a fun game (though entirely unrealistic). If you complete all of the objectives, you gain access to a “reward”. I spent about a two hours last night trying and trying to complete all of the objectives. I =FINALLY= managed to get my reward, only to find out that I wasted two hours trying to get access to 24 and LG camera phone themed desktop wallpapers. That were stored on the hard drive. What the fuck? So my advice is to just play to complete the primary objectives, then (if you =really= want to see the wallpapers), do a search for “rewards” on your computer. It will be buried in some folders, but it should be there.

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  1. Kris Boustedt

    You really should post the “rewards” so people can easily usurp the game. That’ll show ’em!

  2. True, then people wouldn’t have to bother downloading and installing the plugin and game. Unless they’re interested in playing. It was kind of fun to drive around at 140mph in an SUV that doesn’t seem capable to flipping over, has a handbrake (can anyone think of an SUV with a handbrake?), and can knock over the “bad guy” SUVs (and by knock over, I mean cause them to flip over and tumble around completely unrealistically).

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