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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet. Funday links will open in a new window.

Wow, 250 Friday Fundays! Here’s a double-sized portion to celebrate! Links in red are not safe for work.

Let’s be friends

This one hit my radar early this morning and I was so excited to share it with you guys! Then every other freakin’ blog in the universe posted it. Ah well, it hasn’t been updated in over 2 years, so I guess it’s old news anyway.

McRib Locator

If you’re willing to drive further than the closest McDonald’s to buy a McRib, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP!


Yeah, I’m a huge nerd.



Awkward Family Photos

I’m glad none of mine are like this. *ahem*

Look at This Fucking Hipster


No Asians

This video takes an interesting turn at the end. Don’t read the comments before watching (they contain spoilers).

This is Photobomb

I’ve done this before, but these guys take it to the extreme!

Emplastro, Master Videobomber!

I’m just amazed at how many different clips he’s in!

Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat

A fitting ending, I feel.

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  1. Nooooooo!!! (imagine that I am looking up at the ceiling with my arms raised above my head) Take it down before Mike sees! He’ll make me drive to the McRib, he’s crazy. What have you done, Thomas?! What…have…you…done?!

  2. Anyone want to go to Roseburg, Oregon? I just feel a sudden urge to go there…

  3. LBF: Cute!

    McRib: You know, they sell boneless “ribs” at the store… if only they sold buns we could make our own! (brb, shopping)

    Venns: Funny! (Mostly) Got a little slow for a while with the SAME JOKE repeating (A(“things” punchline)B) [I was curious how others read them (for me, A-B-Punchline)]. Some were very funny. Ducktails!

    Hipster: Wil on the frontpage! IN THE CLOWN SWEATER! Classic.

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