Friday Funday CCXII

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet. Funday links will open in a new window.

“I Am Rich” Guided Tour []

Did you miss your chance to waste $1,000 on the I Am Rich application for the iPhone? Never fear, this video shows you what you’re missing.

Bob Saget Meltdown []

We all know that Bob Saget swears a lot to overcome the image of him created by shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos and Full House, but who knew he was such a sissy little asshole? My favorite part is when he yells at the parrot and its handler walks into frame to take it away from him.

Redesigning the Stop Sign []

Every graphic designer I know completely understands what this is like.

Worst Paramedic Ever []

Seriously, this guy should be fired. Also, lift with your legs, buddy!

Farting Preacher []

Ah, the magic of sound effects. I know, fart humor is of the lowest sort, but how can you not laugh at this?

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  1. I Am Rich: Wow. The secret mantra is … wow.

    Bob Saget… Scripted but amusing. If you were one of the few that watched his stand-up before Full House (it was always raunchy), it made Full House so much funnier. There was one episode where he talked about seeing “the puppet show”. It wasn’t a punchline, but it had me rolling; he used to have a routine that was essentially dick-in-a-box that he called “puppet show”. GOOD TIMES!

    Farting Preacher: We get the joke pretty quickly, and it juts repeats with little variation. But, his facial expressions sell it.

  2. holy shit, bob saget!! That was awesome.

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