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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet. Funday links will open in a new window.

Red links are not safe for work.

Top Ten Web Typography Sins []

I’ll admit, this isn’t exactly “fun” information. But I people should know about these things, so I’m including it here.

He’s Gonna Do The Hill []

At least, that’s his plan. Too bad for him the plan doesn’t quite work out.

Roof Sex []

A video about gettin’ it on up on the roof. Well, sort of.

Red Bull Helicopter Does Back Flips []

And barrel rolls, too. This is, quite simply, amazing.

Patio Table-ageddon []

I… I don’t even know what to say about this.

Kitten Eating A Sasquatch Eating A Kitten []

O.K., O.K., that first link was crap. Here’s a bonus link to make up for it. I have no idea why this picture was created, but it made me laugh out loud. I found in while doing a Google Image search for the word, “eating.”

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  1. Typography: Personal pet peeves are just that, personal. I disagree with the entire first half of this list.

    1. Using hyphens instead of an em dash

    No, use hyphens, because not all browsers render things properly.

    2. Using periods instead of ellipses.

    No, use periods, you know they’ll render.

    3. Using dumb quotes

    Again, no, unless you want to alienate part of your user-base.

    4. Double-spacing between sentences.

    This is a personal preference thing. Neither is RIGHT or WRONG. People that grew up with typewriters (like myself) prefer two spaces between sentences. I think a single space looks wrong. And I’m older. So there.

    5. Improvising a copyright symbol.

    Like 1-3, copyright symbols don’t render on all browsers.

    YES, some things look nicer if you do them differently (assuming it renders properly), but this is specifically a list for THE WEB. Not PRINT. They’re DIFFERENT. “Standards” still aren’t standardized across all browsers and operating systems (even open-source gems like Firefox render slightly differently on Windows and Mac).

    Heaven forbid you accidentally set your content string wrong or your ISP inserts an advertising header (it’s crappy, but it happens), and your browser switches to “quirks” mode. You never know what you’re going to get.

    These recommendations really rub me the wrong way, as they usually break in my browser (I have Japanese/Unicode character encoding, which doesn’t help).

    Keep offline typography offline.

    Hill and Table: I’m in pain just watching these videos…

    Roof Sex: PES! (Also, who knew furniture could be so … hot?)

    Helicopter: Apache still has my heart. ^_^

    Kitten: ….

  2. I agree with Phoenix about the double spaces between sentences. I do it, not because I’m old like him and am used to typewriters, but because the style manual used by historians, the Chicago Manual for Style, demands it. So for my entire thesis I used two spaces, and it just became a habit. I don’t think it looks bad (in fact, on the comment preview, you can’t even tell that I am using two spaces).

    The Patio Table-ageddon was pretty funny. It would have been cooler if they had timed the ladders to hit the tables at the same time, but definitely something that, if I was a bit younger, I would be tempted to try.

  3. @Phoenix – While I have seen special characters fail to render properly, it usually stems from the author not properly specifying their character encoding. You also have to take your audience into consideration. The vast majority of people (I suspect 90%+) aren’t going to override the encoding of a website, and when it comes to the Web, the majority often wins. It sounds like you’ve had a lot of experiences where special characters rendered incorrectly, but I’ve never had any of mine display incorrectly in any browser that I’ve tested (at least, not when I’ve done thing properly).

    @Mike – The reason you don’t see 2 spaces after your periods is because most (all?) browsers ignore more than a single space.

  4. Pfft. This is the web. Why are you guys even USING text?! Images, video and flash – THAT’S the internet.

    Text is for paper. Paper is dead. Get with the times or GTFO.

    In fact, this entire comment was designed in Photoshop, flattened to a PNG and uploaded.


  5. I only use one space between sentences because I was lazy when I half-assedly (yes I’m making that a word) learned to use a keyboard and because the MLA forbids two spaces now apparently it wastes paper space. Their reason isn’t exactly rational and doesn’t apply to the web, but what can you do.

    The MLA is big on not wasting things like paper and ink. Here’s an example: it is acceptable to either underline or italicize titles of novels; movies; journals; etc., but they prefer that you italicize in order to save on ink when printing. English professors get really mad if you choose to underline. I have a suspicion that in the very near future underlining will no longer be permitted.

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