Friday Funday CCXLIII

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet. Funday links will open in a new window.

Links in red are not safe for work.

Bathtub IV

This popped up on BoingBoing a couple of days after I put it in my Friday Funday queue, but I’m still going to post it for those who missed it. This cool little video tells an interesting and touching story in an unconventional style. This is very cool and has made me a tilt-shift video junkie.

Rapping Flight Attendant

Pretty clever. I wonder how long it took him to come up with this. I also wonder if this is Southwest Airlines attempting to use guerrilla marketing.

50 WTF Photos

Probably NSFW. And seriously, WTF?

Serious Cat Sending SOS Message

This had me rolling with laughter.

Forever’s Not So Long

A touching story about hopelessness and the human condition.

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  1. I almost posted serious SOS cat on Monday. I guess it’s good thing I didn’t.

  2. Bathtub IV: I didn’t realize at first that there was an arc to the story, so when the fisherman got swept into the ocean and couldn’t get out, I was thinking “Why are you just filming this?!”

    Rapping Flight Attendant: You know it’s going to be Southwest before you click the link. They have the best routines. (They also have the best safety record; I hate to fly, but I’ll fly Southwest).

    50 WTF Photos: I should probably be worried that I recognized so many of these. :-/

    Serious Cat: Cat is saying: ..-. .-.. .- — . .–. .-. — — ..-. — . .–. .. which means “Flame Proof Me PI”. PI? What?

    Forever’s Not So Long: Great. ^_^ “Do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?” Great line. I enjoy the-end-is-coming type stories; there’s so much built-in emotional punch.

  3. @Phoenix: I’m glad you figured out what SOS cat was saying. I was curious, but too lazy to do it myself. -)

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