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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet. Funday links will open in a new window.

BP Explorer []

Despite the limited hours of use (9 A.M. to 9 P.M. in Australia) and the annoying sound effects, controlling a little vehicle with a camera on it over the Internet is pretty freakin’ sweet.

Papervision3D []

A 3D underwater scene done in Flash. In Flash, people!

I Love Progress Bars []

This guys makes a good point. Via Emily.

Take On Me: Literal Video Version []

This video always was kind of weird. And the girl still doesn’t pay for her food!

7-35 In The Morning []

Any attempt to describe this would only ruin it.

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  1. 7:35 AM! I remember that! ^_^ A gem.

    Take On Me: Excellent.

    Spinning things are bad. I agree.

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