Friday Funday CXIII

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

Who Called Us []

The past couple of days, someone in Spokane has been calling my cell phone several times a day, but I don’t recognise the number and they never leave a message. Unfortunately, this site didn’t help me figure out who it is (neither did the Anywho), but it might help you if you’re in a similar situation.

How It Should Have Ended []

“Sometimes movies don’t finish the way we’d like,” is the tagline of this site, which seeks to give movies alternate, usually humorous endings. Their videos are encoded with Divx, and Firefox poops itself when I try to load them. If the same thing happens to you, some of the videos can be found at YouTube.

Blufr []

How much weird stuff do you know?

Sabbatical []

I know a bunch of you already saw this on Kris’ blog, but I know that some of my readers don’t read his blog, so I’m posting it here as well.

Airport Security []

I don’t know if this game is making fun of airport security, or trying to get people to feel sorry for TSA screeners.

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  1. Phoenix

    re: HISHE

    It’s nice to see that they reencoded everything to divx. They were using mpeg/wmv before. wmv is the devil (/waterboy). I like HISHE, especially Star Wars, but some are retarded. And speaking of which…

    re: Blufr is retarded. 🙁

    “David Copperfield once stopped a mugging with magic.”

    True. This is actually a fairly well-known incident. Do they accept true? NO!

    “Well, he prevented his own mugging, but two other people with him were mugged.”

    …WHAT? He prevented his own mugging. He stopped a mugging with magic. That’s true. But they say it’s false, because he hasn’t stopped EVERY mugging with magic, even muggings of other people.

    Next question: “People who have had their spleen removed can live normal lives.”

    Also true. But, do they accept true? NO WAY!

    “Well, they live ‘normal’ lives but they have a higher risk of infection.”

    They even SAY that people can live ‘normal’ (quotes theirs) lives. But it’s false.

    So, yeah. Blufr is retarded.

  2. I completely agree. I can’t cite any examples, but I’ve gotten the answer “wrong” when they really are correct. I think part of the problem is that there isn’t any sort of voting method (that I’ve noticed) so you can say, “um, actually, I disagree with this answer.”

  3. Sabbatical – thanks for the laugh!

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