Friday Funday CXIV

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your SUV []

I know, it’s a steal from boingboing, but it’s too good to pass up.

Roll On []

I’m not sure how to describe this game, but it’s kind of addicting and harder than it looks.

Cockroach Dream []

This game is seriously weird.

All Look Same? []

Can you tell the difference between Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans? I managed a measly six out of eighteen. Don’t laugh, it’s harder than it looks… Er, seems.

You Are Mighty []

After you find out how mighty I am, replace my name with yours (make sure you follow the firstname.lastname format).

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  1. I got 8 on the “All the Same” test, but I was right more often on the Koreans.

  2. The Asylum Street Spankers are my new heros. Too bad they’re not coming to Seattle (or the Northwest at all!) any time soon. 🙁 I would love to see a live show of theirs.

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