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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet. Funday links will open in a new window.

Universcale []

This is an interesting look at the size of stuff from femtometers (which contains stuff like protons and neutrons) to light-years (which contains the entire universe). It really puts things in perspective!

Supermarket 2.0 []

A series of interactions between a few characters in a grocery store that is “completely web 2.0 compliant.” As a web geek, this had me laughing. My favorite part was when the woman is shopping “Pandora-style”.

Top Figures []

This game is… Interesting. It’s a little bit like Jenga, but you’ll just have to play it to see what I mean.

Trysil Twintip []

A game where you’re a skier trying to do as many cool tricks as you can. The controls took some getting used to, and the game is a little choppy on my computer, but the graphics are pretty nice and music kicks butt.

Radio 1 – Pizza Guy Pranks []

Scott Mills, a DJ for Radio 1 in the U.K., often pulls hilarious pranks on unsespecting people live on the air. One day he called a pizza joint to order pizza and the guy on the other end was a jerk, so Scott decided to mess with him on the show. FYI, if you can’t understand a thick Scottish accent, you won’t get as much out of this clip.

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  1. Phoenix


    See also, the very excellent Powers of Ten, and the more modern Cosmic Voyage (I can’t find a good copy of Cosmic Voyage, so…).

    Top Figures:

    So the goal is to remove as much as possible? Got it. Those in-game instructions are … hmm. Anyway, you can still remove one more piece, if you hit “Next Level” fast enough. ^_^

    Pizza Guy:

    “Do you do take-away? What’s 12 minus 6?”


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