Friday Funday CXLIV

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet. Funday links will open in a new window.

Processing Game []

I have no idea why this is called Processing Game (perhaps that’s not really the title?). You’re a little purplish-blue block and you have to avoid the oncoming bars. Click and hold the left mouse button to float up, release to float down.

Tom Mabe funny phone call []

What I don’t like about Tom Mabe is that he breaks the law for some of his pranks (in this one, he impersonates a police officer). What I like about Tom Mabe is that he’s hilarious.

National Geographic: Japanese Hornets / Bees []

I saw this once before, but it’s been a while. Pay close attention the temperatures mentioned toward the end of the video. Further proof that nature is simply amazing.

Circlo []

This game starts out easy enough, but quickly becomes more challenging (make sure you have a plan!).

Best Online Documentaries []

I don’t about them being the best, but the list is certainly long at over 500 videos. Many of them are quite good, though.

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  1. Phoenix

    How To Prank A Telemarketer, on the all-time top-viewd list at YTMND. Classic!

    I tried to watch the Wild Chronicles clip on Japanese Bees a while back, and the stream never worked all the way through. One little error anywhere in the stream and the video would go out (the audio would still work) and I couldn’t see what was happening in the rest of the clip. Frustrating! Ah, but now it’s on YouTube! Hooray! I can finally SEE what I’ve been HEARING!

    Circlo: Level 5 is where my color-blindness begins to hinder me. Level 7 is where I realize I can aim if I old the button down (always read the instructions first… ^_^). Level 13 (game over) when I realized there were a finite number of lives. Whoops. I guess I shouldn’t have been intentionally shooting outside the circle to restart the levels… Final score: 85363

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