Friday Funday CXXXIII

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet. Funday links will open in a new window.

Super Mario Brothers Theme Song – Homemade Versions []

I’m a sucker for the Super Mario Brothers theme song, and I love videos of people playing it on weird instruments or in creative ways. This page has a collection of videos, some better than others.

Pablo Calculates the True Cost of Bottled Water []

As soon as I started buying Fiji bottled water (just for the bottle, though, I don’t actually like bottled water), it exploded in popularity. This page examines the environmental impact of a single bottle of Fiji water.

24: Aqua Teen Hunger Force []

Time Warner couldn’t buy publicity like this! Oh, wait, $2 million settlement? Nevermind.

The Unfilmables: A List of the Hardest Novels to Film []

I don’t agree with all of these decisions (that applies to both the novels and the directors), but overall this is a pretty good list. Some of them are dead-on.

Castle Smasher []

You have a catapult. There’s a castle. Go to town.

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