Friday Funday CXXXVII

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet. Funday links will open in a new window.

Naughty Super Bowl Sparks Beefs To FCC []

Oh. My. Science. It never ceases to amaze me (or entertain me) that people feel the need to complain about the stupidest things. Even when they have legitimate complains, they are often lodged in a poorly conceived manner (and often with a lot of unnecessary swearing). Here are some of the actual complaints that the FCC received after this year’s Super Bowl.

Fat cat HOT + FUNNY funny fun kitty kitty []

This video had me laughing out loud (at work, no less), although a few things about it left me scratching my head. For example, the title of the video (yes, Fat cat HOT + FUNNY funny fun kitty kitty is the actual title someone gave it on YouTube). Also, the video is from, but the language in the video is clearly not Japanese. It looks a little like Urdu or some other Indian language (it also sounds like it’s from that area of the world).

Desktop Tower Defense []

I could play this all day long. It’s a pretty neat idea for a Flash game.

Paper Pilot: The Battle of the Air []

If only I could make a paper airplane that flies almost 50 metres in real life!

The Stupid Test []

According to this test, I’m only 1% stupid. I just wish the stupid test would tell me which question I answered incorrectly. A lot of these were way too easy. So, how stupid are you?

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  1. I’m 28% stupid. Ouch.

  2. I’m 17% stupid. I think it was some of those math questions that got me.

  3. Phoenix

    Fat Cat: Sounds like Thai, right?

    Tower Defense: Addicting! Easy mode is … easy. Normal mode … I keep getting to the final boss but then DIE!

    Stupid Test: I’m 6% stupid, but considering the ambiguous nature of many of the questions…

  4. I agree, a bunch of those questions were fairly ambiguous. Like I said before, I wish it would tell you which answers you got wrong (or should that be, “wrong”?).

  5. Phoenix

    I don’t know how I forgot to mention it the first time, but re: Tower Defense, there are TONS of these games right now. The new Flash Circle TD is what reminded me of it (also, here’s a link to Flash Element TD, the older Tower Defence, and the downloadable (non-free) Master of Defense).

    There are all based on the Warcraft III Tower Defense bonus level that inspired a wave of similar mods, and there are even more of them than I’m mentioning (I even just found an NDS version!)


  6. Phoenix

    (Do you check old posts? Let’s find out. ^_^)

    Have you played Desktop Tower Defense recently? It has been updated with more goodness.

  7. My blog e-mails me whenever people comment, so I don’t need to go back and check old posts. -)

    I heard that Tower Defense was updated, but haven’t had a chance to play it. A bunch of people at work are obsessed with it (thanks to my blog), so I’ll have to let them know.

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