Friday Funday LXIV

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

This week I’m presenting a roundup of the comics I’m currently reading. Have any others to add?

Penny Arcade []

Geeky. Often gamer/computer related. Often not.

Questionable Content []

Also geeky. Indie-rock, young-adult-angst. Comic girls that I wish were real girls.

For Better or For Worse []

One of the few comics from the newspaper that I actually like.

Non Sequitur []

This was always my favorite comic from the newspaper.

Diesel Sweeties []

Also geeky. Psuedo-Iso-Pixel fun. And robots. Glorious robots.

The Joy of Tech []

Ultra-geeky. Easily the geekiest comic of the lot. Often Apple/Mac related, but still funny.

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  1. Questionable Content is the best thing ever. I’m way behind right now, but I am a proud owner of a unicorn shirt.

  2. I’d never heard of QC before. I’m about halfway thru it now.

    It is indeed awesome. It is so rare that a webcomic will actually make me laugh out loud. As in, I think there was one other one, but I can’t remember which…

  3. Tom

    you should check out SAm & Fuzzy of you havent before. of course, you’ll have a few hours of reading to gt aught up with Sam and his Psychotic Cohort Fuzzy, but, it’s not like you actually have any wok to do at work or anything. ;P


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