Friday Funday LXXXIX

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

Scary Squirrel World []

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

The Little Fella []

Funny, but a bit disturbing.

271 Ways to Enjoy Toast []

Toast. Yeah, toast.

Fantasy Rollercoaster – Moonlight Track []

Think “Lunar Lander”, except with a rollercoaster. The idea is to keep the riders happy and alive; a delicate combination. FYI: use the left and right arrow keys. 69 is the highest I can get so far and I haven’t managed to make it all the way to the end without crashing. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible.

Goldburger To Go! []

A fun little Rube Goldbeurg game wherein you have to deliver a hamburger to the set of PBS Kids.

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  1. Tom

    Was Yeah, Toast supposed to play the song? It didn’t for me, but here are the lyrics:


    all around the country and coast to coast

    people always say “what do you like most?”

    i dont wanna brag, i dont wanna boast

    i always tell’em i like toast

    ya toast!

    ya toast!

    i get up in the morning about 6 am

    have a lil jelly, have a lil jam

    take a piece of bread put it in the slot

    push down the lever and the wires get hot

    i get toast

    ya toast!

    ahhhhahh toast!

    now there’s no secret to toasting perfection

    there’s a dial on the side and you make your selection

    you push to the dark or the light and then

    if it pops up too soon, press down again

    make toast

    ya toast!

    mumbling toast

    when the first caveman drove in from the dregs

    he didnt know what would go with the bacon and the eggs

    must of been a genius got it in his head

    plug the toaster in the wall and bought a bag of bread..

    and make toast

    ya toast!

    ugh hmmmmmmm

    oh oui oui,monseiur bon jour croquette

    uh huh croissant chevy covertte

    maurice chevalier eiffel tower

    oh oui marie baguettue bon soir



    in (city) or where the heck i am right now

    yeah toast

    yea hey he hmmm….


  2. Re: Rollercoaster

    I made it to the end without crashing (after seven tries), but my score was only 56.

  3. The lyrics that my dad posted aren’t quite right. These ones seem to be correct.

    @Phoenix – You mean, on that last huge drop at the end, you didn’t crash? I can never get past that last drop without crashing.

  4. Yup. You know that part where you crash and it stops scrolling to the right? Even if your coaster keeps going? That’s the end. If you’re not going too fast or too slow, you’ll coast right past the end of the screen. But, that’s it. You don’t get any bonus points or anything.

  5. I actually did manage to not crash at the end a few times. I knew that was the end, but every time I got there I would crash.

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