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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

Shave Everywhere []

I forgot to put this one up two weeks in a row, but here it is! Thanks to Tom for this one.

Bush Drinking? []

I saw this several months ago and never posted it, but was reminded about it today. This is easily the funniest bit that Craig Ferguson has ever done (it’s arguably the only funny bit that he’s ever done).

Team Sandtastic []

I’ve always been really impressed by those people who could create really intricate sand sculptures. Here’s the site for a team of people who do it professionally. Be sure to check out the section that explains how they do it.

Manole []

This is a strange little game where you try to help a guy with wooden wings fly as far as possible. My best score so far is 156,560 200,740 211,700 212,340 224,550 242,550 249,390 253,810. I finally broke the 250k barrier!

w0ne []

This is a crazy game where you control a wheel and attempt to “collect” barrels and stars. If you get all of the stars, you’ll unlock the last level, which is pretty tricky.

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  1. I’ve never seen Craig Ferguson on the Really-=Really=-Late Show, but he was funny in a lot of other things. Maybe he just needs funnier writers?

    “You don’t think I have to put up with discrimination? ‘Oh, your British accent makes you sound so intelligent, are you royalty?'”

    (off to play Manole)

  2. Nothing to do with anything, but I just have to say how much your webcams amuse me. Thomas at Work: headphones on, perhaps chin in hand…and you never pick your nose! 😉 Thomas and Morah at home: is the TV on? How much will the shadows shift the next time I hit refresh? Is anyone using the computer now? Wow, that bookcase has acquired some serious stuff since I first started coming here! Little patch of grass: Also a good way to tell what time it is out west, but nothing else seems to change…do you ever go out in the yard and wave at this webcam?

    And I love the “webcam offline” pictures for the last two (the cat looks especially depressed).

    Just a smattering of things that run through my head when I’m snooping on you via your webcams.

  3. I’m dying laughing here! I’m always glad to know that my webcams are entertaining people. I’d like to add more cameras, but I don’t have enough software (and hardware – I only have one camera left, but have no way of switching it into the mix). Perhaps some day when I have a house.

    I’d also like to hook everything up so that people can see what we’re watching on T.V. (which I have previously said is creepy, and it still is, but I can’t get over the novelty factor of it). Again, once we have a house, I can set up a server room and run several computers without Morah complaining about them taking up too much space.

    As for me picking my nose, I’m pretty good about not doing it in front of the camera (truth be told, I’m good about making sure that the camera isn’t going to take a picture while I’m doing it). Same thing about being nude in front of the camera. If I have to be in front of the camera, but I’ve already taken my clothes off, I’ll usually just crawl on my hands and knees (which I assume is out of view, but haven’t actually verified. Can you tell how lazy I am? I could easily subvert all of this effort by just putting on pants, but meh).

    We sometimes do go out and wave at the outdoor camera. We had a grilling party a few weeks ago, which I’m sure was a huge outdoor webcam event, but since I was at the party, I never looked (I wish I would have. I guess I’ll just have to have another party!).

    Perhaps one of these days I’ll do a webcam tour (that is to say, I’ll explain what all the crap in view of each camera is).

    If anyone is ever online and sees me on the cam, e-mail me or IM me (if you don’t know my screen names, e-mail me. If you don’t know my e-mail, post a comment here and I can send it to you) and I’ll smile for you.

  4. Send me your e-mail, please, I’ll definitely give you a cyber wave 🙂 andreabt1970 at (DIESPAMDIE) hotmail dot com.

    And *I’m* cracking up that you are still so fairly aware of the cams that you don’t inadvertently walk in front of one in the buff or do anything else embarrassing!

  5. […] you don’t inadvertently walk in front of one in the buff or do anything else embarrassing!

    That’s the entire reason I don’t leave my webcam on anymore.

    My little brother: Mom! What’s Phoenix doing with that donkey?

    (True story.)

    (No, it isn’t.)

    (Or IS it?)


  6. I just played Manole again for the first time in a long time and got a score of 264,190. Woo!

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