Friday Funday XLII

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

Video killed the radio star, and now television is fast being replaced by the internet (in high school I re-wrote the lyrics of Video Killed the Radio Star to be Internet Killed the Video Star. I’ll have to see if I can find them). So, in case you couldn’t already tell, this week’s theme is TV on the internet!

RocketBoom []

When I first starting watching RocketBoom, I really enjoyed it. Lately, however, the content hasn’t been that great. I enjoyed “news can be funny, too” approach that I first saw, but the ill-written, ill-produced sketch comedy attempted as of late has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Perhaps even sadder is one viewer’s recent praise: “Looks like you’re getting back to the good old Rocketboom roots.” Be sure to check out their sister site, Apollo Pony; a collection of odd videos from around the inernet and not wrapped up in the same increasingly-crappy package as the clips on RocketBoom.

Current []

According to the site, Current is, “a new, independent cable and satellite TV network that’s presenting information about the world in a new way,” which is the fancy way of saying that users upload crap they make themselves, and Current plays it on their site.

Broadcast Machine []

The Participatory Culture Foundation says, “Internet TV is open and independent.” Perhaps the only truly open and independent “network” on the list. Want to start your own TV channel and play whatever the hell you want? Go ahead. Want to watch what other people are broadcasting? You can do it with PCF’s free software and the magic of BitTorrent.

NOVA Science Now []

Not only one of the coolest shows on TV, but also one of the coolest shows on the web! Each episode is available online, segment by segment. If you’re interested in bleeding-edge science, don’t miss this one.

Systm []

Super-cool tech show from the creators of thebroken. After watching the first episode (there are two at the time of this posting), Phoenix remarked, “I did grab the torrent for the first SYSTM episode, and finally got around to grabbing the torrents for This Week In Tech. Now I just need to get the torrents for the Canadian version of Call For Help, and I can pretend that the G4-TechTV tragedy never happened.”

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