Friday Funday XXI

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

The Madness of King George []

This picture is an anonymous coronation day gift. Er, I mean, inauguration day gift.

The Polar Express: A Virtual Train Wreck []

This guy tears The Polar Express a new one and shows why the film didn’t work. He also shows a few examples of how the film =could= have worked. This site is getting serious attention from big players in the film industry. Be sure to read the second half of his review here.

Snowflake Photomicrography []

The Bentley Snowflake Collection at the Buffalo Museum of Science has a comprehensive collection of photomicrograph of snowflakes by Wilson Alwyn Bentley. These things are amazing.

Free songs from iTunes and Pepsi []

Also known as, “The tilt trick still works.”

Jesus of the Week []

Normally depictions of Jesus are no laughing matter, but after you get a load of some of the Jesii on this page, you won’t be able to hold it in.

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