Friday Funday XXXIV

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

My Mother Is Insane []

No matter how messy you think your living space is, this probably beats it. And I thought I spent a lot of money on eBay. Please note that this is not in reference to =my= mother, who throws away important things (like owners manuals) if they’re left out on the coffee table too long.

Barcode Yourself []

This would have been perfect back when I wanted to get a barcode tattoo (if you don’t already know, feel free to ask me why getting a tattoo is probably not a good idea – especially a barcode one).

Motion Induced Blindness []

This stuff is blowing my mind. I love optical illusions. I want to paint some of these on my walls and trip people out when they come over. Free Music Downloads []

Did you know that Amazon had a page listing all of the free, no-DRM MP3s available for download on their site? Neither did I. Yet another reason why Amazon kicks ass.

UPDATE: Here’s an RSS feed of Amazon’s free d/ls.

Identity Card Concept Project []

I saw an article about some of these cards several years ago and thought they were super-cool. This site not only has all the cards I saw back then, but several others that I had never seen before. I want some of these.

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  1. Why is getting a tattoo probably not a good idea – especially a barcode one?

  2. How did I know that Phoenix would be the one to ask?

    Most tattoo ink contains traces of metal, so, should you ever need an MRI, you would be shit out of luck. If they =did= stick you in the machine, the magnet would pull the little bits of metal through your body in a straight line (the most direct path) toward the magnet. You would be in excruciating pain and the chances of you dying would be pretty high.

    It would be like that scene in X-Men 2 where Magento pulls all of the mercury out of the guard.

    If you decided to ignore that fact and get inked anyway, a barcode is a bad idea because of how it will look years later. When my ex-girlfriend was getting her tattoo done (I just couldn’t talk her out of it), I was talking to the artist and mentioned that I thought a barcode would be cool. He pointed out that, while it would kick ass to start with, after time the bars would spread out and touch, and you’d be stuck with a big green rectangle instead of a barcode.

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