Friday Funday XXXV

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

Frankie Flood’s Pizza Cutters []

You’ve never seen pizza cutters like these. Frankie Flood designs… Well, designer pizza cutters. I don’t usually have a lot of need for pizza cutters, but I want one of these.

The Art of Wayne White []

Wayne White’s New York debut is called, “I’m Not Going Around Advertising Surrealism,” but of course it is. He takes crappy paintings and makes them beautiful. I love artwork like this.

Finkbuilt []

Steve Lodefink’s (beautifully designed) website, which features all manner of things that are, “Finkbuilt”.

Huge Life Size X-Wing for Sale on eBay []

If you live in the lower 48 and exercise the “Buy It Now” option ($85,000), the seller will deliver the one-tonne fighter to your door for free.


What kind of car would the Pope drive if he weren’t stuck in the Pope-mobile? A VW Golf, apparently. The listing is in German, so I don’t know if they’ll ship internationally.

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  1. William


    I lost your # again!! 208-651-3128 Call me!


  2. Everyone call him and tell him not lose my number anymore. -)

  3. Tom

    The link to Frankie Flood’s Pizza Cutters seems to not be working, you might want to try this one: I would want to clean one after cutting pizza.

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