FUBU means, “Fuck you, big ugly.”

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Oh my god! I can’t live with this kind of stupidity! The guy down the hall who thinks I’m a racist is at it again. Tonight, I was hanging out with Jenna (the belly dancer) in my room. At one point in the evening, we left my room and went down into the lobby. It was just after we left my room that the ‘altercation’ occured. First, I’ll tell you what really happened so that you have a frame of reference.

Jenna and I leave my room.

I pull my door shut behind me.

The noise of the door closing arouses the guy’s curiosity.

He walks around the corner at the far end of the hall (to see who made the noise).

I hear someone behind me, so I turn around to see who it is.

I see that it is the guy.

He sees that it is me.

He walks back around the corner.

I turn around and put my arm around Jenna.

The last two actions happened simultaneously. Here’s his version (based on second hand information and mild speculation):

Someone leaves a room.

I go around the corner to see who it is.

I see that it is Thomas.

He sees me.

He gives me a dirty look.

He turns around a whispers something to the girl he is with.

They leave.

I walk back around the corner.

Now I know he’s just making shit up so he has an excuse to continue being a racist and not feel bad about it. I didn’t say anything to Jenna about him and I certainly didn’t give him a dirty look. He’s a 300lb black guy! That’s a chance I’m not willing to take. In fact, I’ve never been anything but polite to him (and his roommate, although I’m not sure if his roommate feels the same way about me) and he’s never been anything but rude to me.

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