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In the Cornwall region of Southern England, in a little old farmhouse built in the mid 1700’s that has now been converted to a bed and breakfast, sits a lonely little man who types furiously on a keyboard.

That man is me.

It’s been a while since I last wrote because of the lack (or cost) of available Internet access. While in Scotland, we stayed in a town called Crieff. There is one Internet café in Crieff, and its broadband connection to the Internet is priced at £3 an hour. Bear in mind that, in London, I was paying £1 an hour. So I haven’t been able to get online until today. The people who run this place happen to have an Internet connection, which I am most grateful they are allowing me access to. It’s dial-up, but it’s a connection.

Drummond Castle was amazing. In fact, that entire day was surreal. The morning started off with a Gilbert and Sullivan song stuck in my head. I don’t know why I was singing the song, but for some reason I was. Mind, I hadn’t heard the song for years. Remember those seemingly useless details later on in the story. Mum and Ashley went horseback riding, so dad and I went to find this old library that he had seen an ad for (what with dad being a librarian and all). So we drive out to the middle of nowhere and find this tiny chapel and the library. The morning is crisp and beautiful, and no one seems to be around. Dad and I wandered through the graveyard of the church and eventually went inside. As it turns out, it was built by one of the Drummonds and was the official burial ground for his family. The church was absolutley beautiful and it alone was worth the effort it took to find the place.

Having explored the church and surrounding graveyard, we wandered over to the library and tried to figure out how to get in. Suddenly, this man pops out of nowhere and asks if we’re there to visit the library. We told him yes and he sent us upstairs. The library was commisioned by one of the Drummonds a long time ago and housed some extremely old books and artifacts. The man was whistling a familiar little tune to himself, so I asked him what it was. “Oh,” he replied, “just some old Gilbert and Sullivan song.” No, not just some old Gilbert and Sullivan song. The exact same song I myself had been singing that morning.

He showed us a ton of cool stuff, including a book entitled The Discovery Of Witchcraft, which I’ve seen in history books. He had the actual book there in library! He also showed me a quill carrying case that was made in 1624.

From there, the whole family met up and went to Drummond Castle. While the castle itself was smaller than I thought it would be, the gardens were much larger than I imagined and more beautiful, as well.

Getting from there to here was quite the adventure, but so far nothing has proved to be as thrilling as that single day in Crieff.

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