Geico Revisited

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Yes, another post about Geico. Man up.

Has anyone else noticed that Geico has three different styles in their commercials? They have the spots with the indentity-crisis suffering gecko, their classic “I have some great news…” reversal spots, and those weird ones with the “cavemen.”

I’m willing to let the reversal spots go, simply because they’ve become such a popular part of society (in case you don’t understand what I mean by “reversal spots,” I’m referring to those ones where you think the commercial is for one product, but then someone says, “I just saved a bunch of money on my insurance by switching to Geico!”), but why in the world did they ever make the caveman ones?

Granted, the one that I see the most (where the Geico representative takes the two cavemen to lunch at a country club to apologise for belittling them in the Geico commercial) is moderately funny and there’s =a lot= of really nice, subtle action (not to be confused with acting; this subtlety is clearly in the writing. No guff to the actors or the director, but it was clearly the writer(s) who came up with the good stuff) in the spot. I just don’t see why they’re making these, unless they’re trying to phase out the gecko.

We know they aren’t trying to phase out the gecko, however, because they just overhauled his image (*cough* worse *cough*) and produced a whole slew of new spots in which he appears. Moreover, he was named as a favorite advertising icon late last year. Plus, the gecko is all over the Geico website, but only the gecko. Nowhere on the site was I able to find a single Neanderthal.

According to a page on Geico’s own website, the spots that feature the gecko, “are consistent favorites among viewers.” So the question remains, if the gecko is their image, and if he’s such a strong image, why dilute the brand with other, non-image spots?

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  1. wonderyak

    I was having a similar conversation with Lindy the other day about Comcast commercials. Have you noticed how many different ones they have? They’ve got the “comcastic” ones (which seem to be professionally produced), and then they have two different kinds of “you’re already watching comcast, so here’s an ad for comcast” ads – one that looks good and has a consistent look with their comcastic ads, and the other which look like they were made in iMovie. What’s the deal with these companies having so many public identities? It makes no sense. Does nobody take marketing classes anymore?

  2. I must admit, I liked the gecko when they had him working in an office and driving a tiny car into the “Employee of the Month” parking spot. And the original one with the caveman where, after the one guy says “It’s so easy…”, the camera pans over to the caveman holding the boom mike, and he throws it down and yells “Not cool!” That one was good. But lately, their ads have been horrible.

    Oh, and if I see that “Things that are comcastic” ad one more time, I’m throwing my cat through the TV. And he’s fat enough to cause some serious damage.

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