Half Over, Half Assed, Half Baked?

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So we’re about halfway through the year. If you recall, I made some resolutions a while back; resolutions which I had every intention of keeping. Have I kept them thus far?

Eat right. I said I was going to change my diet completely, for life. While I have found myself eating less red meat and fewer refined sugars, I still don’t eat five times a day (more like four) and I tend to have carb-filled dinners. One thing I’ve found is that the food I want to eat costs a lot, and with Morah working one day a week, we just don’t have the money. However, Morah has recently finished her internship and she already has a job lined up, so we should be able to make that diet change before the year is out.

Work out more frequently. There was a span of about three weeks where I worked out almost everyday. The most I’ve done recently is Tai Chi one evening a week, but that class is over. This is another one of those things that will change now that Morah has graduated. It’s difficult for either of us to work out when we can’t motivate one another. She hasn’t had the time to work out or to encourage me to work out, and frankly, I would be more into it if we could both exercise together. With the weather warming up again, Morah and I both hope to get outside more. Whether it’s playing tennis or just going for a walk, if we can do it together, it’s more likely to happen.

Floss my teeth. There’s really no excuse for why I haven’t done this one. I think I’ve done this about half a dozen times all year. We have floss, but I just don’t do it. Perhaps what I need to do is buy a lot of floss and leave it on the bathroom counter. That way, when I go to brush my teeth at night, I’ll see the floss and remember how much money I spent on it, which will make me use it since I won’t want to have wasted the money.

Do my traction. Another one for which I have no real excuse. It’s mostly a matter of me forgetting about it until right before I go to bed (the pain in my lower back tends to reminded me of it when I lay down to go to sleep). I have a couple of ideas to help get me back in the habit, so I’ll have to institute those and see how it goes.

Save money. Considering Morah hasn’t been working more than once a week (she hasn’t been able to, really), it’s been difficult to save money. It seems like every time I earn money, it disappears again. Our rent this year is over twice what it was last year, and the electric bill for the cold season has been about twice what it is during the summer. There is a bright side, however. At current, I have more money in my account than I’ve had in a long time and no bills are looming on the horizon. Ergo, I should be able to start saving more money (which is good, because if we’re going to get married in Hawaii, it’s going to cost us). We’ve met with a financial advisor to discuss saving for retirement (trust me, the sooner the better), so at least things in that realm are moving forward.

So that’s it. I haven’t kept any of my resolutions to the degree that I wanted to. However, the year is only half over, so there’s still time to get my act together.

Has anyone else managed to keep their resolutions? Good luck to all who are still trying!

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  1. Yea, my years resolutions was to cut my long ass hair, or should I say my ass long hair.

    I did so just a couple weeks ago. It’s so weird.

    As for my other resolutions, good luck for me.

    Yea I eat less, but it seems I eat less good food and the same about of bad food. Oh well.

  2. Like I said in the post, it’s hard to eat good food because it’s so expensive. Another big problem is that it’s often inconvenient. A microwavable burrito that I can grab from the freezer as I run out the door is a lot more convenient than taking five to ten minutes of my morning to make a sandwich, despite the fact that the sandwich is healthier.

    It’s interesting that people in America, who usually have hour long lunch breaks, are far more overweight than Europeans, who often have two-hour long lunch breaks. I know that if I had two hours for lunch, I’d walk home and prepare a much healthier lunch, then walk back to work.

  3. Traction? Sounds kinky. Pics?

  4. lol

    If I ever remember to do it again, I’ll be sure to have Morah take one. -)

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