Happy Halloween!

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For Halloween this year, I have decided to dress up as a business ninja. Morah and I made several stops last night in an attempt to find halfway decent costumes, with little luck. I was beginning to think that I would have to abandon my idea for lack of a decent katana, but I finally found one at a party store (30 minutes before they closed, no less).

I chose business ninja because I wasn’t sure how people at work (mostly my superiors) would react to a costume, so I wanted something that didn’t violate the employee handbook, and that could be easily taken off without leaving me naked (in other words, if I have to lose the ninja aspects of the costume, I’m still dressed for work).

I thought about trying to find a white lab coat and going as Dr. McNinja, but I had that quite late last night.

Did anyone else dress up for Halloween? What costume will you be sporting today?

UPDATE: It occurred to me that, since my outfit is all black, you probably have no idea what makes me a “business” ninja. I’m wearing a black dress shirt, a black tie, black slacks, and black dress shoes (I’m also wearing black dress socks, black sock garters, a black undershirt, and black underwear. No really, I actually am!). So in case you weren’t able to guess, I’m wearing business attire, plus a ninja mask (what’s it actually called?) and a katana (that I wish were real). I looked for some shuriken, but I couldn’t find any. I guess I could find some razor blades or make bo-shuriken out of pencils.

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  1. Lindy

    I dressed up looking like I’m sick and Kris is looking like he is tired – we’re sick n’ tired.

    It’s fun wearing flannel pj’s to work!

  2. I’m looking at you as business ninja right now (your back is to the camera, but I get the effect.)

  3. Phoenix

    No pics? Dr. McNinja would have been awesome. ^_^ We ALTs had a Halloween party this past weekend. I didn’t go, because I’m a loser and it was right after paintball so as soon as I got home, I fell asleep. 🙁 I guess I just don’t have the stamina of a 22-year-old anymore.

    Halloween also would have been mine and Kaori’s third anniversary, except that we broke up three weeks ago. :’-(

    Good times.

  4. Yeah, if only I had a spare lab coat hanging around.

    You guys broke up? Sad! Hope you’re okay. We miss you!

  5. Phoenix

    I wish I had thought of the Dr. McNinja thing. I was a doctor in the school festival’s teacher-play (complete with stethoscope!)…

    Yeah, we broke up. I think we both felt that we were mismatched, although Kaori thought that it would get better and I thought it would get worse.

    The bigger problem is that we are each-other’s best friend, so not only were we losing our SO but our BFF. Weak, ne? So, we’re trying to hold on to our friendship, but it’s hard to keep from falling back into relationship patterns. AND, who do we have to turn to for comfort? Our BFF?!? Can’t!!

    So, it’s rough. I’m taking it better than she is, which is also rough on her, because she feels that perhaps I didn’t care as much. :-/ Although, I’ve been playing the JoCo song “When You Go” a lot recently. ^_^

    re: “We miss you!”

    Well, then you probably don’t want to hear that I may have an opportunity to stay for a fourth year, after this one. ^_^

  6. Arg, that can be really rough. Both times that Morah and I broke up, we tried to stay best friends and we ended up wanting to get back together with one another (looks like getting back together was the right thing for us to do, huh?). But yeah, it sucks not having someone who knows you intimately to run and talk to.

    A fourth year?! Well, I guess if you’re still having fun and you return to us eventually…

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