Hover! (Part Two)

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So, I took Phoenix‘s advice and downloaded Game Maker 6. It’s a pretty cool application, though, as per usual, the official documentation leaves much to be desired.

At any rate, I’ve begun work on a Hover! re-make, which I have titled Hover!XP (a title to which I am far from married. If you can think of something better, leave a comment and let me know).

If you’d like to see what I have so far, click here to d/l the .zip, which contains an .exe that you can mess about with.

To be perfectly honest, there’s nothing there. The GUI-thing is just a screen grab from the original Hover! game (to test the code and how to get an overlay graphic to begin with). In the room you’ll notice one of the green “power up” balls from the original Hover!. Well, that’s not really true, I suppose, as this one has a red “X” in it and isn’t animated. In this test room, you can drive around and try to get the power up. Once you do, it jumps to a random point in the room. I have yet to figure out how to add a delay to its reappearance (the method I thought would work didn’t).

Most of the basics are still posing problems. I don’t know how to do a lot and I suspect that a ton of it will require that I learn extensive GML (Game Maker Language). But I said I would learn it, so I shall try.

Pretty much the only thing that I think I have finished is the speed and friction of the hover craft. If you’ve played Hover! before, you should know that there are little “pads” that speed you up. Hold down the shift key when you drive around to see the speed I have in mind for the speed-up pads (hold it for about a second, then let go to more-or-less simulate hitting a pad). Okay, on looking at it again, it’s a bit slow. But play with it and you’ll get the idea.

And that’s it. The checklist of things to fix is long and the list of things to create is longer. Both are trumped by things to learn before I can implement the others. What have I gotten myself into?

Anyway, at least this is one of those projects without a deadline, so I can work on it whenever and take my time learning GML. Hopefully I’ll have a few more things sorted out in the coming weeks. My next two goals are to get bouncing off of the walls programmed in as well as the rear view mirror. I also want to clean up the matte/key job on the graphics and start coming up with ideas for the graphics. I also hope to build a much larger room and figure out why in the world the delay on the power-up ball doesn’t work.

If anyone is interested in helping out with this project, let me know.

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    Does this require the registered version of GM6?

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