How Is Babby Formed?

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Look! Our Babby!

Most of you know by now that Morah is pregnant. And for those of you who don’t know, guess what! Morah is pregnant!

The image above is of our babby, which is currently about 15 weeks along (about 12 weeks when this ultrasound was taken).

Everyone asks the same questions, so I’ll try to answer as many of them as I can remember here.

When did you find out? We found out right before our anniversary by way of a home pregnancy test. This was confirmed about 3 weeks later by a doctor.

When is the baby due? Early June.

Were you trying? For how long? Yes, we were trying. It’s kind of funny, actually, we decided to use science to help us right out of the gate, so once Morah went off of birth control, we were still careful to use other methods of contraception while Morah tracked her cycle. She also used a basal body thermometer, which helped us know when the best chances of conception might be. Armed with all this knowledge, the very first time we actually tried (that is to say, had unprotected sex for the purposes of procreation), it worked.

Do you know the sex? Are you going to find out? We don’t know yet, but considering how much planning went into making the kid, do you really think we’d wait to find out?

Which do you prefer, a girl or a boy? Ultimately, we want both a boy and a girl, so don’t have too much of a preference this time. That said, I’m leaning toward boy, simply because I’m the only “Brown” male capable of passing on the name within the bloodline.

Have you picked out names? What are they? I’m the fourth Thomas in a line, and I want to follow family tradition, so Thomas for a boy (his middle name would be Christopher). We talked about a lot of different names for a girl, and I suggested Tamsen. Morah preferred the spelling “Tamsyn,” which follows a family tradition of hers (and that tradition is psychotic spelling of names by randomly changing certain vowels to “y.” Just kidding, honey). Tamsyn’s middle name would be Morah, after my wife’s grandmother and namesake.

There’s actually a funny story with the names. Thomas was always a given, but when we settled on Tamsyn, we thought, “gee, we don’t know much about this name. Let’s look into it.” When we did, we discovered that Tamsyn is a variant of Thomasina, the female version of Thomas. Crap! We accidentally named both of our kids Thomas! Then I realized that Thomas means twin, and twins run in both of our families. We thought it would be appropriately ironic if Morah became pregnant with twins, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Are you excited? Hell yeah, we’re excited!

I think that about does it for the questions. I’ve added a couple of baby registry links to the sidebar, just below my wish lists. (*nudge-nudge* *wink-wink*)

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  1. Congrats! That’s exciting.

  2. Congratulations, Thomas and Morah (and Thomas[ina])!

  3. Eeeehh!!!! Congratulations, you pro-creatin bunny, you.

    Also, your baby kind of looks like my ear.

  4. Amy

    Congratulations 🙂

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  6. Thomas CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are going to make a great father!!!!!

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