I Want My iPhone

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One of my coworkers has an iPhone and she let me play with it today. Damn, it’s nice. I just wish the iPhone was available for the T-Mobile network because I’m about halfway through a two-year contract. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that by the time the contract expires, the iPhone will have been officially unlocked.

Then again, if someone wants to pay for a year of service with AT&T for me, I’d be happy to receive one as a Christmas present!

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  1. Tom D

    Welcome to my obsession.

  2. Tom D

    HEy, be sure to hold off those cravings just a while longer, At&t announced that next year we will see a 3G Version. So long sluggish EDGE!


  3. Tom D

    Phone Fingers look like iPhone condoms, don’t leave home w/o them!

  4. Whatever. I’m waiting for the Verizon Voyager. http://www.verizonvoyager.org/

    Oh, yeah.

    …look familiar? 🙂

  5. Phoenix

    I prefer the Nokia N95, although their N800 is much more affordable.

    Of course, I hardly use the phone I have now, so…

  6. I was wondering when someone was going to mention the N95.

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