Godless Dollars

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The U.S. Mint has struck 50,000+ George Washington dollar coins without adding “In God We Trust” to them. Now the coins are worth fifty to sixty times their face value. Does anyone else find it humorous that the value of the money went up when the presence of God was removed?

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  1. Keke

    T, all the coins I saw had that…thoes words on it. It is with the date, on the edge of the coin. I was so happy they finally made a nice coin, then Alex takes 30 seconds and says it is indeed on the coin. I am happy it is there because then it can get rubbed off, but then so can the date =(

    My Mum told me she had some friends who were going to boycott the coin. Silly People. At least they still have a lady on it, even if it is a statue.

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