Indie is the new techno

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I’m listening to The Reminder by Feist and a thought just occurred to me: when it comes to advertising, indie is the new techno.

A few years ago, if you wanted to sell a product, your commercial needed techno music (or some kind of appropriate electronica). Club/rave culture was a strong selling point, despite how many people claimed to eschew the style. These days, indie music sets the tone for popular television commercials, while indie art adorns the pages of magazine adverts.

Here are a few examples of indie music in T.V. spots:

Product: LG Chocolate

Artist: Feist

Song: My Moon My Man

Product: Sony Bravia

Artist: José González

Song: Heartbeats

Product: Honda Civic

Artist: M.I.A.

Song: Galang

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  1. You think it has something to do with the personalization of the web lately? You know, indie music is more “human” and “relate-able” than industrial/electronica is. And the newest web movement is all about making more of a connection.

    just an idea.


  2. Or perhaps…*gasp*

    It’s more popular!

    Popular as in, why do you think CBS bought So they can see which songs are listened to the most and incorporate them into whatever.

    Did you listen to the mix cd I made?

  3. I did listen to the cd. It’s good!

  4. This is one of the reasons I like heavy metal so much. It’s not very popular, so you’re not likely to see it in an advertisement.

  5. Feist did that? That’s just… wrong..

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