“It’s pronounced, ‘FAH-QUE’.”

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Hey, fah-que you too, buddy.

Anyway, as you may have noticed, I have added a FAQ to my site. You will be able to find answers to such popular and riveting questions as, “What’s the deal with this thing?” and “I don’t like your site.” More than just a resource, the new ALLO FAQ is peppered with humour (I was going to say that it was salted with humour, but that was too generic, and cumined with humour just didn’t roll off the tongue as well as I had hoped. Perhaps it could be tumericed with humour? Or cream of tartared with humour?).

In all honesty, this is a FAQ that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still attempt to do its job (no matter how half-heartedly). I will be expanding it in the near (read: distant) future, so where ever you see the FAQ icon, feel free to click on it and read the faq.

As per usual, feedback is appreciated.

UPDATE: I removed the image from the post because I’m not using it anymore and it kept generating 404 errors.

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