Kickass New Music

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After hearing their songs in the new iPod + iTunes and Safeway commercials (the songs are Flathead and Chelsea Dagger, respectively), I got Costello Music by The Fratellis.

Oh. My. Science.

This album rocks! I can’t stop listening to it. I wish everyone at work were out today so that I could crank the speakers up to eleven. This band’s music is cool enough, but when I discovered that the song Vince The Lovable Stoner contains a riff from the soundtrack to The Third Man, I went nuts. This is easily my new favourite band.

Another sweet album I’ve been listening to is Inside In/Inside Out by The Kooks. I’ve known about the band for over a year, but for some reason never really looked into them until recently.

I’ve also been listening to Stars of CCTV by Hard-Fi. Check out the music video for their song Cash Machine; it’s pretty fun.

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