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Morah and I now have a cat. Her name is Kisa (Russian for kitty) and she’s super-cute. That’s her in the APLO (which I apologise for not updating in over a month).

We actually took her in almost two weeks ago, but since she was a stray, we weren’t sure if we would be able to keep her and didn’t want to make the announcement until we knew for sure.

She seems to be a Siamese and tabby mix. Her face and tail are coloured like a gray tabby, but the rest of her looks Siamese. Her body type seems to be more in the tabby realm, while her voice seems more Siamese.

We first saw her in the car park at FOX (where I work) about a month ago. A week or so after that, she starting hanging around by the back door all the time (as in all day long). She was really friendly, so we figured she was probably a dump. A few people said that they had seen her as far back as three months ago, so she had been hanging out at FOX for a while.

Now she spends her days curled up on our couch and seems to pretty happy with her new home.

Kisa will soon be featured on in her very own section, which will include more pictures, and possibly a few video clips (she does the cutest things).

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