Listening in Sync

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While Morah and I were raking leaves last weekend, we were both listening to our iPods. The thought occurred to me that although there are billions of people and billions of songs, there’s a small but real chance that you and another person are listening to the exact same song at the exact same time without ever knowing it.

This thought doesn’t apply to being at a concert, watching T.V., or listening to the radio. In those cases, other people are almost guaranteed to be listening in sync with you. What I’m talking about is someone playing a CD or listening to their iPod.

Anyway, just a random thought.

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  1. When I’m driving, I often wonder if the cars around me are tuned to the same station, and we’re listening to the same song.

    My friend Melissa brought it to my attention after she followed me. At stop lights, she could see me dancing around in my car (yes, when I’m alone, I’m even dorkier) to the music playing in her car.

    This also reminds me of the flash mobs where everyone synced their ipods and then went out. That was the entire plan (none of this choreographed singing and dancing bs). Just everyone listening to the same music in the same location, the idea being that little movements (head bobs, etc) would align subconsciously. ^_^

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