My IMDb Listing

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Today is truly a glorious day, for today, I am listed in the IMDb (so is my wife).

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  1. mcC

    hey, fellow imdb-credited-person 😉

    though I’m only credited as stage manager, nothing as fancy as cinematographer LOL

  2. Well, great, now almost everyone I know is in IMDb except for me. Even my sister is in IMDb.

    Sure, sure, it’s mainly for actors and directors and other people that work on movies. Fine. But would it kill them to throw in a computer nerd every now and again?

    You know, for variety?


  3. You just have to find a movie about hacking or something. Then you could be credited as “Computer Consultant” or “Unix Consultant” or something.

  4. Yeah, yeah! As far as I know, nothing attracts the ladies like the word unix! ^_^

  5. I agree. Someone hire me as historical consultant on some movie, I wanna be on IMDB!

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