National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

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I just wanted to point out that it’s National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week.

Morah always says that, at the hospital, attention is paid to other groups of workers (such as nurses, doctors, and even volunteers) when they have their weeks, but when National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week rolls around, no one says anything.

So be nice to all of the medical laboratory professionals you know, which for most people who read this blog, is probably just Morah. Still, leave her a nice comment, or something.

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  1. We’ve unfortunately had our fair share of contact with medical lab professionals the past few days. Tell her to have a happy week!

  2. Morah

    Actually, you probably haven’t had any contact with a medical lab professional except maybe a few phlebotomists. They are the only ones who usually ever leave the lab. Those of us doing the the diagnostic work and running the tests stay confined to our lab area. This is probably why no one ever knows about our week or us for that matter.

    Just think of us when the doctor reads that lab results that help him/her decide what to do next.

    It is unfortunate that you guys have had more than your fair share of the medical profession as a whole this week. =( Hang in there Emily!

  3. I appreciate all you hard work examining pee, blood, cultures, and other things under you microscope. With out you and people like you shows like house would just be another boring Doctor Drama even though they never actually show the lab professionals doing the work.

  4. I think it’s funny that this week is also Administrative Professionals Week – another thankless and unappreciated job. Morah and I should throw our own parties!

    Happy National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week Morah!

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