No Laughing Matter

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I wasn’t looking forward to today. Today was the day I got my wisdom teeth out. For months people have been relating to me all their horror stories about how long it took, how painful it was, and how they had to have their teeth shattered in order to remove them. So I went in to the dentist’s office rather nervous and quite apprehensive. They hooked me up to the laughing-gas and started numbing me up. After a few annoying little pricks with a needle, I couldn’t feel a thing. I’m serious, nothing hurt after that. The most I felt was pressure. Not to mention a warm tingly feeling due to the Nitrous. The dentist came in, jabbed this spikey thing deep into my gums, wiggled it around, and extracted all three (I only had three) wisdom teeth without incident. Cool, huh? And the best part was I didn’t feel a thing, and I was totally relaxed. Of course, now that I’m not on N2O, things are a little different. I don’t like changing the gauze (which I’ve done once so far) because it’s =REALLY= bloody. Anyway, the dentist said I should heal up fine and everything should be alright. Good times. I even got to keep the teeth (which I find utterly disgusting, by the way).

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