Not A Flavor Of Vodka

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So I see my cat walking out of my room and I instantly wonder, what the hell was he doing in there? For those who don’t know, the cats don’t spend much time in my room unless I’m there. Even then, my sister’s cat, Moon, never goes in there. I try to keep the door closed most of the time because Stimpy likes to scratch up this pink blanket I have that I’ve had since I was born. Anyway, Stimpy, my cat, comes walking out of my room and I wonder why he was in there. So I go in there to see and I flick on the light to find Moon trying to scratch the blanket! Not only that, she’s so caught off guard by my coming in and catching her, she digs in her claws and gets stuck! I got her mostly unstuck (after calming her down because she started to panic), but there was only so much I could do. I stood there trying to figure what to do, then she just tore through the mattress (which is what she was stuck on) and took off. So that worked. Damn cats.

I saw Vanilla Sky tonight. That movie was seriously fucked up. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s confusing as all hell, but it’s cool. And it ended pretty well, I thought.

I miss you, Morah.

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