Not Into the Whole Brevity Thing

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This Mutts comic made me giggle with delight. I have to watch The Big Lebowski again soon.

UPDATE: Dude comic #2…


UPDATE: Dude comic #3.


UPDATE: Dude comic #4.


UPDATE: Dude comic #5.


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  1. We should have a Big Lebowski movie night, with white russians and beer. If one of had a Wii, we could even bowl before or after.

  2. Emily, you are a certified genius.

  3. There have been two other Mutts comics previous that have mentioned The Dude and each time it makes me smile as I read the newspaper.

    You’ve got me all excited for my birthday!

  4. Tom D

    YOu might want to check with Brandon and Niki and see if they might be interested, I know they love their Wii Bowling too… and they actually have a Wii. 😉

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