Nothing like Something for Nothing

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I love getting stuff without having to pay for it. I’m not talking about stealing, here, I mean using gift certificates and stuff.

I have an credit card, on which I earn one point for each dollar I spend (three points when I shop on Amazon). Every 2500 points, they send me a gift certificate for $25. It takes forever for these things to expire, which is nice, because then you can get some fairly pricey things from Amazon without having to pay for it.

So whenever we get a chance to use the credit card, we do. Shopping, petrol, a pack of gum, whatever. The points rack up pretty fast (which means I’m spending a tonne of money. Damn).

Every once in a while, Morah and I will get on Amazon and browse around, trying desperately to remember what in the world we wanted to buy. Why is it that you can never remember what you want when you are actually in a position to get it?

Anyway, we’re browsing around the other day and suddenly I remember that we wanted to buy the movie The Spanish Prisoner. Turns out, it’s out of print. Suck buckets, right? Well, last night we were at Hastings because I had about $20 on a gift card after I did a CD buy back.

On a side note, I love how they call it a buy back, even though I didn’t buy the CDs from them in the first place. Is it just me, or does every Hastings seem to carry more used discs than new ones? One of these days, they’re going to reach critical mass and the entire buy back program will be shut down until 80s becomes popular again.

So we’re at Hastings (remember?) and I’m puttering around, again not able to remember what the hell I want, when all of a sudden, it hits me: The Spanish Prisoner! I did a quick search on one of their info kiosks, not really expecting them to have it (which is the case with every Philip Glass album. “Oh sure, we carry that title. Just, not at this location”). But, to my surprise, there was one copy in the store. I accosted the nearest employee and begged her to be the Sherpa to my Reinhold Messner.

So now, I am the proud owner of a copy of The Spanish Prisoner! This is usually about the time when Criterion releases a version of the film, effectively killing my buzz.

One thing I did remember while I was in Hastings was that I wanted to check out the new OK Go album. I really like their song A Million Ways, but after listening to clips of the other songs, I’m not sure I’d be as into the rest of the album. They seemed a little too pop rock and a little less indie rock. Still, if someone else bought the album, I’d rip it.

Speaking of A Million Ways, have you seen the video for it? It kicks so much ass. In fact, it kicks so much ass, that OK Go are having a contest where you make your own version of the video! The winner (chosen by awesomeness) will be flown to an OK Go performance and will get to do the dance, on stage, with OK Go. There are four people in the group, Morah and I make two, so who else is interested?

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  1. Tom Dineen

    I’ll be the Jay Jay to your Michael JAckson anyday!

  2. I am shicked ans horrified that The Spanish Prisoner is out of print. Shocked and Horrified. Shock! Horror!

  3. Well the last comment would have been better if I hadn’t fucked it up by mistyping the third and fourth words.

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