O Fortuna

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On Friday night, Mike, Emily, Morah, and I got dressed up and went out to dinner at The Palm Court Grill at The Davenport Hotel. The food was incredible, but that wasn’t the highlight of the evening.

After dinner, we went to the opera house and enjoyed the Spokane Symphony’s performance of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. I’ve been in love with Carmina Burana for quite some time (you’ve probably heard the opening song, O Fortuna, in some movie trailer or student film), so when I found out that I would have an opportunity to see it live, I jumped at the chance. Am I ever glad I did! The show sold out, and rightly so. The demand for the one-night-only performance was so great that it was broadcast live on the local public radio station for those who couldn’t get tickets.

The symphony was joined by several choral groups and three soloists, all of whom did a fantastic job, but what was most impressive was just the sheer number of people on stage. The official number published by Spokesman Review the day before the show was 341, but I suspect that the number increased for the actual performance. No matter what the number, it was a lot of people and made for a spectacular show.

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  1. Phoenix

    So…jealous…right now…you guys! Seriously!

  2. Phoenix, I guess you’ll just have to move back then 🙂

    It was fun going to the symphony. It’d been a really long time since I had. Forgot how entertaining it is.

  3. Mike, when did have gone to the symphony before? You’ve never wanted to go with me. I calling your bullshit!

  4. I never said I’ve never been. We went a couple of times for field trips in middle and high school. It’s really only been recently that I felt like going again.

  5. Oh, and I found out today that the old lead archivist at work (she left before I started working there), a huge bitch affectionately nicknamed “Carpethead,” was in the choir. On her last day (a Friday), everyone there wore red to commemorate her leaving. To this day, Lee still wears a red shirt every Friday.

  6. Ben

    I followed the link to the Palm Court site. Notice anything on the page? Yes that’s Papyrus.

  7. @Ben – Yeah, I had noticed that. You’d think that a restaurant in the Davenport would use a better font!

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